(*)Bravo, Benny by Joanna H. Kraus
Daddy’s Dances by Sheila Mroczynski
(*)Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, Or Does It? by Barbara Streif
How Tony Tractor Got His Shine Back by Angelique Heppner
(*)I’m Not Scared by Roxanne Stephenson
(*)The Adv/Queen Isabella/and Her Wicked Good Lookin’ Daddy by Joe Lopez
Snow Ice Cream by Margaret Cole
(*)Barley B: A Dog for All Seasons by Betsy Manchester
Punky And Grump in The Ceaseless Chase by Robyn Bonham
The Sisters of Inishford by Jessica Dawson
Kindergarten on Parade by Jason Hooker
(*)Happy Birthday Family! by Shanna Klutts
(*)My Little Book of I Ams by Laura Polanco
(*)String Bean Sammy by Jana Gooch
(*)Ant Party by Melanie Hughes
(*)Harry the Hairless Wonder Dog in Harry Takes First! by Melanie Hughes
Zombie Christmas by Matthew Bates
Uno and Lulu: A Tail of Friendship by Tony Newell
House Glasses by Rachel Shaw
Lion and Mouse Go to the City by Connie Siewert
Lady Scamp of Wyttledyn Keep by Joann Sgroi
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