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Grouchy Bear by Judy Coleman   

Grammy and the Wily Raccoon by Christy Esmahan

Grandpa Fixes Breakfast by Sandra Brandon

Grandfather Lee and the Bees by Theresa Singleton

Goats Have Funny Eyes by Gloria K. Schaffer

Grateful Spider, The by Lisa Sarver

Gosford the Ghost Gets His Boo Back by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Girl Named Sophie, A: An International Adoption Story by D.R. Now

Galaxy Melee by John A. Seay

Grandma's Garden by Mary Parker Donaldson

Germ Boy by Kathy M. Parker

Guts by Christine Reynebeau

Gosford the Ghost's Pun -N Fun Booooo-k! by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Grandma Elly Has a Fake Leg by Eleanor Rosenast

Guess Boo's Coming to Dinner? by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Green Grass, The by Lisa Sarver

Grandpa's Puppy by Sandra Fishel Brandon

Gosford the Ghost's Diction-Scary by Joe Banaszkiewicz