About Us
You have no doubt taken some time in trying to find a publisher.  We know it isn’t
easy with all the obstacles of large publishing houses and all the vanity publishers
and scams out there.  A very good website to check out is
Writers Beware.    

We began this company in January 2007 to provide new authors with a solid first
step into publishing.  Information is the key and we want to provide as much
information about us and this industry as possible so we’ve set up this FAQ
section below.  I realize it’s a lot to read but you should take your time when
deciding which route to go.  After you read all of this, we will want to speak with
you and give you even more information.   


Neal Wooten
Managing Editor

Do you charge a publishing fee?   

No.  We do not charge a publishing fee and we currently only publish
approximately 6% of our submissions.  We pay the expenses associated with
publishing your book.  These expenses include: our design staff to build the
book, editors to proofread & edit (children’s books only), a professional artist to
create the cover art, assigning an International Standard Book Number (ISBN),
assigning a bar code, upload fees associated with sending the book to the press,
a proof copy which will be shipped directly to you, and we pay to have your book
listed almost everywhere a book can be listed.

Where are your titles listed?  

Ingram Book Wholesaler, Spring Arbor Distributor, Baker & Taylor
(These three wholesalers handle 100% of the bookstores in the USA )   

It is also listed with these library suppliers, trade wholesalers, academic suppliers,
and European distributors
Coutts, Holt Jackson, NACSCORP, Blackwell Book Services, Bertram's, Cypher
Library Supplier, Dawson Library Supplier, and Gardner 's, Paperbackshop.co.   

And they are also listed on Barnesandnoble.com and Amazon.com and many
other websites by these sellers:
Amazon, The Book Depository, Smoky Mountain Books, Caiman Book Sellers,
Elephant Books, Brand New Goods, Harvard book Sellers, and Book Rack RHPB
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How does Mirror Publishing make money?   

We make money from the sale of our author's books.  That’s where 100% of our
income is derived.    

Do you pay authors for their manuscripts?   

No.  Authors make money when their book sells also.  Royalty is usually set
around $2 per book.   

How much money can I make?   

This is entirely up to you but I will say that if money is your main reason for
publishing, you will probably be disappointed.  There is a misconception in this
industry about authors getting rich.  Most published authors have a regular job
and this just serves as a good second income.    

Can we contact your current authors?   

Absolutely.  We ask each author to provide an email address for their author
page and most of them have.  They are by far our best source of advertising.   

What sizes and styles of books do you publish?

All of our books are printed in the USA in a perfect bound format and are the
highest quality on the market. Here are examples of the sizes of books we publish.

How many books do you print initially?    

This is normally only relevant with books printed in China.  We print in the USA .  
But we begin with a number of 200.  One hundred goes to the author and 100 will
be available through the distributor for wholesale orders.  This number is always
replenished as books are sold.

Do you market the books?   

This question is asked a lot and is derived from another misconception in this
industry.  Very few titles are “marketed.”  Big name authors are actually marketed
because the publishing company has already paid them a lot for their book.  But
there are hundreds of new titles released every day and you never hear about
them.  It is not marketing that the larger publishing companies can offer, it is
placement.  They can place the book in a certain amount of stores.  But all
authors, no matter who they publish with, have to promote their book.  The same
is true for our authors.  So if you’re not comfortable talking about your book, or
doing book signings or readings, etc., then you probably shouldn’t consider

How long a contract must I sign?   

We don’t do contracts because they are detrimental to authors.  We do an
agreement which runs for one year at which time can be continued at the
agreement of the author and Mirror Publishing.  The author can opt out of the
agreement at any time.  You can look over the agreement at

How long does it take to publish a book?   

All books are different of course because some need art and some need more
editing.  But as an average, it takes about three months for the title to be

Do I have input in the process?   

Not only is your input allowed, it’s required.  We will send you the interior and
cover files as many times as necessary.  And the book files are never sent to the
press until the author says they’re ready.   

What’s the best way for people to purchase my book?   

The best way is to go into any bookstore, large or small, in the US and the
English Speaking parts of Europe, and request it.  If the bookstore does not stock
it, they can order it and they can order it through whatever wholesaler they
normally order all their books.  It can also be purchased on Amazon.com,
AmazonUK.com, and Barnesandnoble.com.  But if purchased through the stores,
there will be no shipping charges and it helps spread awareness of your title.   

How much does it cost me to order copies of my book?       

Our authors can order books for the special author price which is less than the
wholesale price.   

What is required of me?   

We require that our authors be ready and available to promote the book via
preorders and to schedule book signings and book readings before the book is
released.  This requires a minimum of 100 books to kick off the release.  This is
usually enough books to cover two events and a small number of preorders.   
You can of course order more if needed.   

What’s next?

The next step would be to talk on the phone and answer any other questions you
may have.  There is a lot to understand about this industry.   

Simply send me an email to
submissions@pagesofwonder.com and let me know
you have read over this page.  Please provide the title of your book and a phone
number so that I may contact you.  Or, if you have unlimited long distance, you
may also feel free to call me anytime.    

Thank you again.   

Neal Wooten
Managing Editor
Mirror Publishing