Diane E. Ahrens
Tucker Travels to the Whimsical Woods by Diane E.
Tucker Travels to the Whimsical Woods is a book about an
adorable puppy named Tucker.  He and his three best
buddies travel deep into the woods where they meet some
very talented and enchanting animals.  What they find each
of them doing is sure to surprise and delight.   

The “real” Tucker lives in Wisconsin with his family.  He is
quite adventurous and along with his human little people,
became the inspiration for the Tucker Travels Series.  
Walk along, as they wander through inviting and
entertaining lands.   

Remember, what Tucker enjoys most of all, is taking you
with him on all his exciting adventures!!!
Diane Ahrens was born and raised in Wisconsin where she still resides
with her family.  She has loved the art of writing all of her life.  She realized
the incredible reward of both writing and reading books while sharing
stories with her own children.  Together they found immeasurable joy in
stories that would take them to far away places and open their imaginations
to  new adventures and possibilities.  

Diane felt she had something special to offer children, and therefore
created the Tucker Travels series.  It is her wish that her books will make
children smile and laugh while encountering the interesting and adorable
characters in her stories.  It is this dream of bringing a small amount of
happiness to any child that opens the cover of one of her books, that
inspires and drives her to continue her love of writing.  

She hopes you enjoy her stories and continue to watch for new and exciting
Tucker books!!
Tucker Travels to the Curious Cave by Diane E. Ahrens  

In his first adventure, Tucker took you to The Whimsical
Woods. Now he and his friends are ready for their next
exciting escapade, and this time they will be off to the
Curious Cave. The atmosphere in this cave however, is
anything but dark and quiet – here the animals prefer to
play and have fun all day!!

Ride along as Tucker and his three best buddies take
their train into this land of adventure where they meet
many fascinating animals. And remember, Tucker and his
friends can’t leave for the Curious Cave without you! ALL
Tucker Travels to the Savory Sea by Diane E. Ahrens  

In his first 2 adventures, Tucker wandered through an
enchanted woods and hiked deep into a cave filled with
entertaining animals. This time, he is heading off to the
ocean. Here he will find new creatures to observe, but will
they be doing the things he expects? I think not!

Grab your flippers and swim along with Tucker as he and
his friends go on an underwater adventure that will be
sure to please. Happy swimming!!!
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