Sarah Fox Andersen
Anglerfish for Rent  by Sarah Fox Andersen

"Anglerfish for Rent" is a fish-out-of-water story,
literally. Trish Anglerfish is one discouraged girl! She
never feels like she fits in anywhere, nor does she
seem to ever be able to do anything right. Why? Trish
doesn't realize she is a fish, let alone an anglerfish!
She tries repeatedly--and unsuccessfully--to find her
purpose in life by renting herself out as a light source
for a variety of situations, none of which involve the
ocean. Hilarity (and great frustration) ensue! Will
Trish ever discover her true identity and achieve
personal satisfaction with who she is?     B &
Sarah Fox Andersen is a California native now living in
Kentucky with her husband, two sons, and two cats.
She is a cum laude graduate of San Diego State
University with a bachelor's degree in English, and has
previously worked as a high school English teacher, as
well as a freelance editor. Her favorite job, however, is
being a mom (and toddler wrangler!) In addition to
writing children's literature, she also enjoys cooking,
traveling, reading, watching movies, laughing, and
baking many, many cookies!