Leslie Balcerak
The 45 mph Couch Potato by Leslie Balcerak

The 45 mph Couch Potato is a tale about Bohemian Agile or as her
friends like to call her "Aggie," a retired racing greyhound rescued by
two of the coolest parents any doggie could ever ask for.

Aggie will take you through her life of racing, playing, traveling and
just being a couch potato! You will fall in love with her silly antics and
be enchanted with her story telling abilities.

Aggie teaches valuable life lessons about pet adoption, good
manners and true friendship as she shares with you her wacky,
funny, loving and sometimes outrageous tales of her life.

Join Aggie in her adventure of fun, mischief and amusement as she
learns the joys of finding her forever home. Whatever your age, Aggie
will remind you how the loving devotion of a rescued dog can
change your life as it changed hers.
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Leslie grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where she enjoyed hiking,
camping, sailing on Lake Michigan and backpacking on the Appalachian
Trail.  Her appreciation for animals was expressed in her many pets from
fish to cats to rabbits and even a guinea pig named Squeak.  She then
graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in graphic
design.  After a successful career in both design and sales, she traded
in her business suit for a bathing suit and returned to her true passion –
the outdoors.

She and her husband, Richard, landed by seaplane in Bimini, an Island
of the Bahamas, where a new chapter began.  Leslie lived on the Island
for 4 years where she worked as a dive master, dolphin swim tour guide
and underwater photographer.  She did her grocery shopping on a
bicycle, taught the local kids how to swim and participated in community
beach clean up efforts.  Life was good doing what she loved most;
swimming with sea creatures, kayaking, beach combing, reading and
enjoying the great outdoors.

In 2006 Leslie moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida where she was
awarded Female Construction Volunteer of the Year with Habitat for
Humanity.  During the day she drives a snack cart at the local golf
course.  After sunset she enjoys cooking, making crafts and reading
books to the neighborhood kids. Having met 2 adorable greyhounds
years earlier prompted her to contact a local greyhound rescue group
(GPACF), where she met the “perfect” companion; Bohemian Agile.  
"Aggie" quickly became a loved and cherished member of the family.

Inspired by the desire to share Aggie’s story, The 45 mph Couch Potato
was born.
The Love of a Senior Couch Potato by Leslie Balcerak

The wacky adventures of Aggie Mae, a retired racing greyhound,
continue in her second book, The Love of a Senior Couch Potato.
Through her eyes and thoughts, Aggie shares with you her continued
life of leisure after the glory days of racing. She will entertain you with
her playful spirit and her older, wiser ways of handling challenges
young adults deal with today. Sprinkled throughout the book, Aggie
shares with her readers the importance of friendship, literacy and
being an overall good person…errrr dog. No matter your age, prepare
yourself to fall in love!

A NOTE FROM AGGIE: Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth! We
can also be very lazy. So, after a lightening quick sprint, our second
favorite thing to do is sleep…earning us the adorable title of “The 45
mph Couch Potato” which also just happens to be the name of my first
book! - Xoxo Aggie Mae