Joe Banaszkiewicz
Gosford the Ghost Gets His Boo Back
by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Gosford is ‘The king of ghosts.’ But one Halloween he
losses his ability to ‘Boo’ and must leave the town
cemetery.  He moves into the Spreckles family attic but
little Sally Spreckles is scared of ghosts especially the
fake ghosts her older twin brothers are always
trying to scare her with. Will Gosford ever ‘Boo’ again? Will
Sally ever stop being scared of ghosts? Will you ever stop
reading the back of this book and read the whole story?
Hide your favorite candy from Gosford and get ready for a
couple tricks and a lot of treats!
Gosford the Ghost's Pun -N Fun Booooo-k!
by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Gosford The Ghost is back and this time he's doing what he likes
to do best; tell jokes and make horrible (really horrible) puns.
He's your master of  ceremonies (or master of scary-monies).
Take a 'pun' filled journey through grave yards, swamps, crypts
and haunted houses as Gosford  and his spooky friends show
you the 'silly' side of scary. Critics (not the critics with good taste
anyway) are saying this a good book to read with your parents or
older siblings. Gosford simply  thinks it's a great way to spend the
first 20 minutes of a zombie apocalypse.
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Guess Boo's Coming to Dinner
by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Gosford the Ghost has returned just in time to eat dinner.

See what the other 4 scar chefs are saying.
Ghoulia Child: “Yuck!!!”
Emeril Laghastly: “I’ve lost my appetite.”
Chef Boar ARRGH Flee: “I think I’m going to be sick!”
(Cough, Cough, Cough)
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Egyptian  Boos by Joe Banaszkiewicz

Hang on as Sally and Gosford go to
Egypt and bring back an ancient curse!!

See what critics are saying about this book:

D Nile: 'I gotta tell my 'mummy' about it!'
E. Gypt: 'It wrapped me up!'
M. T Tomb: 'I feel hollow inside!'
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