Todd J. Barry
The Wonder of the White Butterfly by Todd J. Barry

Over the span of almost seventy days between August and October,
2010, the world was focused on a small mine in Chile, where thirty-
three miners were trapped thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.
"The Wonder of the White Butterfly" tells this story, keeping in tandem
with Todd J. Barry’s other writings on hope and inspiration. Filled with
suspense, young readers, and readers of all ages, will not want to take
their eyes off the pages. It is a beautifully written, in-depth tale of joy
and hope based on real facts of an amazing historical event, and a
look at the miners’ fortunate happenstances, accompanied by the
brilliant illustrations of Linda McCarthy. In the tradition of Chilean
folklore, each reader will be left wondering whether it was a mysterious
white butterfly, that some say was a wonderful, magical, guardian
angel, or spirit guardian, which led to the miners’ safety and their
eventual, remarkable rescue.     B &