Victoria Benton
If I Were A Pickle by Vicky Benton   
Imagination is a wonderful thing! Come along with this little
girl as she embarks on a colorful, playful journey using her
imagination! Be silly with her as she imagines what fun it
would be, if she were a pickle for a day! Page after page,
this book will capture the hearts of not only young children,
but the child that is within each of us. When you let your
imagination run freely, you can do anything!
Victoria was born in Paragould, Arkansas and now resides in the San Joaquin
Valley of California.  Having been raised in a military family, she has visited and
lived in many different places.  Her passion for writing began at a young age,
when she would sit under a shade tree and make up stories and songs.  As an
adult, her passion became even stronger after she was diagnosed with Behcet's,
a rare autoimmune disease.  She allows her imagination to take her places
where she can find peace and forget, for a time, about the reality of her disease.  
Although she has no children of her own, she can easily relate to them and their
imaginary escapades.  At 50 years young, she finds it delightful to delve into her
imagination through a child's eyes and explore the fun and wonderment of that
world.  If I Were A Pickle is her first published children's book. Feel free to contact
her at