Marilyn Bishop
Sampson and the Gang from Hound Holler by Marilyn Bishop
Sampson is a foxhound who lives with his friends in a kennel called
"Hound Holler". He is the leader of the pack and all the other
hounds look up to him. He is very wise, always kind, and likes to
have fun. There is just one problem. He cannot figure out his grand
purpose in life. Why was he born? Is he supposed help find lost
people, like search and rescue dogs? Or provide assistance to
people with disabilities, like service dogs? Maybe he is supposed
to help policemen capture bad guys, like police dogs. All he ever
does is hang out in his kennel and compete in field trials. That just
doesn’t seem to be very useful to the rest of the world.
Marilyn Bishop spends her days in corporate America and
her evenings with husband, Allan, and their beloved
foxhounds.  In fact, the foxhounds became the inspiration
for her first children’s book “Sampson and the Gang from
Hound Holler.” Marilyn finds that writing for pleasure when
she is away from work provides a great release from the
highly technical business writing that her job entails.

Marilyn and Allan live in central Virginia, where they have
room for their hounds and can also be near their two
grown children and four grandchildren.     B &
Queenie: A Story of Hope by Marilyn Bishop

This is a true story – well, partly true anyway.  Queenie was a
red and white foxhound, with adoring eyes and a gentle
disposition.  She lived in a clean and comfortable kennel
named Hound Holler.  She offered love and loyalty to her
caring owners.  When a tornado blew down an oak tree that
crushed her kennel, she fled away in a panic and
disappeared from the only home she had ever known.  This
much is true.  The rest of the story is what might have
happened to Queenie as she wandered, lost and afraid, in a
hopeless trek to find her home again.