Brice Bogle
Losing Deseret by Brice Bogle

For Mormon teenagers, their Bishop is one of the
most important people in their lives, second only to
their parents. What happens if the Bishop abuses his
authority and misbehaves? Badly...

Chris is Mormon, from a long line of Mormons—the
church is his life. But as high-school graduation
approaches, the secret perversions of his bishop are
uncovered and tear at the fabric of his life and faith.
Unable to look away, he picks at the carefully
constructed layers, and the more strings he pulls, the
more things unravel, until the light in his world is
replaced with evil and perversion, and he is forced to
confront the ambiguous and murky division between
good and evil.
Brice Bogle was born in Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire,
England. An Air Force brat, he went to nine schools in seven
states before graduating high school. He originally majored in
English, wanting to write and teach, but, life didn't have that in
store for him. After a four year hiatus from college, when he
worked in a record store in Fort Smith, he attended the University
of Arkansas and is now a Certified Public Accountant living in
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Brice is a natural story teller--from tales around the campfire to
making up stories for his kids when they were little--and has
never been able to stay away from writing for very long, no matter
how crazy life would get.

Losing Deseret was inspired by a real-life event from more than
forty years ago—a story he has tried to tell many times.

Brice can be reached at