R.M. Bonham
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Punky and Grump In the Ceaseless Chjase
by R.M. Bonham

This is a lesson in reckless abandon.
This is a diagram of deceit,
Of heartache,
Of heartbreak,
Of wild revelry and drug-induced insanity.
This is a game of limbo between demons and angels, and
who will fall first.
This is an exploration of the minds of warriors who had no
clue they were in battle.
This is the story of fated friendship and redemption.
This is a spell riddled with Black Magick and spiders.
This is a front-row ticket to the Death of innocence.
This is the view from the veil lifted.
This is a direct manipulation of the Stars.
This is an ode to that unruly era of youth when our minds
and hearts travel through the depths of chaos only to come
out more alive and ready to set the world ablaze.

This is the tale of Punky and Grump.