Kathleen Boros
Binky Bunny Wants To Know
About Bipolar
by Kathleen Boros, M.Ed. in Special

Meet Binky Bunny in this
heartwarming story, that's for all
families who struggle with mental
illness and the toll it can take on
the family when questions are left
unanswered. Mama Bunny
explains to Binky she is a strong
Bunny even though she has
Bipolar. He knows this, and
teaches his father to be more
patient, loving, and kind. Through
Binky Bunny, a lesson is learned in
this family to not let Bipolar get in
the way of life's every day gifts. With
God's love we are to appreciate
each other for who we are..
My name is Kathleen Boros. I was raised in Cohasset, Massachusetts
and moved to Marco Island, Florida at age nine with my family where I
finished elementary school and later went on to graduate from St. John
Neumann High School. I attended University of Florida where I was active
with Alpha Delta Pi sorority. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral
Science, and my Master’s degree from Florida GulfCoast, in Special
Education. I’m now living in Fort Myers, Florida, where I’m married, and
have a seven year old son. I’ve taught for seven years in the Lee and
Collier County School System, those with disabilities all over the
spectrum. Having a diagnosis of Bi-Polar at age nineteen, I’ve been
struggling to find where my purpose fits in, in life. My doctor suggested I
write children’s books after I presented him with an autobiography I wrote.
I’m writing children’s books to help educate families about what Bi-Polar
is, through a bunny family. This is the first book of several that I’ve written
that address’s what a mental illness is and different learning disabilities,
to end the stigma through the help of my woodland friends from Florida all
the way up to Maine. My hope is to help end the stigma mental illness has
and learning disabilities. I have lived it, this is my story. This is the reality
of Bipolar and I hope to educate all, starting with the little ones and
reaching out to their families and friends. Please help me in educating
others to end the stigma.

Please contact me through FaceBook
email: kathyboros@rocketmail.com
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Binky Bunny and the Psychiatric
Briar Patch
by Kathleen Boros, M.Ed. in Special

America’s favorite Bunny family is
out in their second story spreading
mental health awareness. Mama
Bunny is sick at The Psychiatric
Briar Patch, and Binky is afraid to
visit because his friends make it
sound like a scary place. Apa
explains to Binky that Mama Bunny
is in a safe place receiving the
tender loving care she needs to get
better. Apa also educates Binky
about what Bipolar is, and how to
prevent her from relapsing. Most
importantly, Apa explains to Binky
how important it is for Mama Bunny
to visit with her family members,
including Binky, in order to get
better. Join us again with Binky
Bunny to hop the stigma.
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Binky Bunny Stands for the Flag
by Kathleen Boros, M.Ed. in Special

Please join Binky's family with
yours in taking pride in reciting our
Pledge of Allegiance to our
amazing American flag. In Binky's
third book, with the help of his
teacher, Jeryl the Jack Rabbit,
children learn to stand loud and
proud for our American flag.
Children will learn to recite the
Pledge of Allegiance and
understand the meaning behind it.
A lesson is truly learned on what it
means to be a Patriot and how to
show respect and honor to those
who protect and have protected our
beautiful flag.