Laurie Braly
Theo and the Lemonade Stand by Laurie Braly
With his mom needing to take on a second job, eight year old Theo
was dreading his upcoming summer vacation. But, Theo turns a
negative into a positive - literally making lemonade out of lemons! We
find Theo has an entrepreneurial spirit as he productively (and happily)
fills his summer days. Theo also finds that his newly learned
arithmetic skills come in very handy! Follow along in the fun as Theo
creates a carnival atmosphere in his very own front yard and, at the
same time, figures out how to solve his summer dilemma.
Laurie was born and raised in the small town of Pacific Palisades, California.
During her teenage babysitting years she often entertained the youngsters,
weaving charming and silly tales (she basically never stopped talking!).

Laurie currently lives in Rolling Hills Estates, California with her husband,
Scott.  Her three children; Scott, Michael and Beth, are all grown.   Her family
remains a constant inspiration to her.

Now, after some 20 years in the corporate world, Laurie is ready for a new
adventure ~ or, perhaps an old one?  Time to weave some new tales, and
very happy to meet and introduce Theo and the Lemonade Stand!