Sandra Brandon
Dust Bunny by Sandra Brandon     
.....Dusty is the little dust bunny who lives under Jacob’s bed. He
sleeps in an old blue fuzzy slipper that has long ago been lost
and forgotten.
.....Dusty and Jacob are good friends. Because of a mistake,
Jacob must decide between being truthful or telling a lie. He
turns to his little friend, Dusty for advice.
.....What will Dusty help Jacob decide to do?
Sandra Brandon lives in Illinois and is the mother of four grown children:  a biological son and
daughter, a daughter adopted from Cambodia and a son adopted from India.  Sandy also has two
granddaughters.  After having a hemorrhagic stroke in January of 2005, Sandy was unable to participate
in many former activities because of paralysis.  But she found she could still use her computer with one
hand and still had her imagination.  She began to think of this idea for a children's book while in the

Her email address is
Grandpa Fixes Breakfast by Sandra Brandon     
.....Starr is spending the night with her grandparents. Before
going to bed Grandpa talks with her about what he will fix her for
breakfast the next morning. He teases her by offering several
unusual options. Starr replies to his outlandish suggestions and
guesses what animal would enjoy what Grandpa offers. The
format of the book is such that the reader or listener may guess
along with Starr and then turn the page to discover the answer.
The Shepherd's Story by Sandra Fishel Brandon

“Caleb, a shepherd from Bethlehem, is disappointed when his
trip to Jerusalem is cancelled.  He had been excited about
worshipping in the temple.  Then he and his fellow shepherds
are visited by angels: a stable becomes a temple and Caleb has
the honor of worshipping the Son of God.”
Riding Grandpa’s Tractor by Sandra Fishel Brandon

Sommer is excited to go visit Grandpa and Grandma. She is
looking forward to riding with Grandpa on his old tractor. On the
way there, Mom explains to Sommer how riding Grandpa’s
tractor is continuing special family memories.
Playing With Grandpa’s Puppy by Sandra Fishel Brandon

Cally is very excited to go to see Grandpa and to play with his
new dog Freya.  Her Mom tells her that Freya is a puppy but is
bigger than Cally’s dog that is a grown up dog.  Children learn
that dogs and puppies can be different sizes and are fun to pet
and play with but they should always be careful around dogs
and only pet and play with them if the owner says it’s ok.