Janel Bucci
A Treasure Awaits by Janel Bucci
"You cannot tell anyone about this. Do you hear me? Not anyone! Not even
Mama and Papa. If any of us lets out the secret, it will ruin everything!"

Eddy, Allison and Jack McGregor are living an adventure that most children
could only dream of. Someone is sending them poetic clues to help them
find a special treasure. But why? And even more intriguing, who? They are
led to many different places in the scenic Wisconsin countryside where
they roam. Not knowing whom the clue-giver is, they become suspicious
of many people, even their very own family members.

Little do the children know that the real reward at the end won’t be the
treasure that’s revealed, but a beautiful lesson about healing. This is a
tale of one human’s stuggle and the desire to look forward, no matter how
difficult that may be or how long it may take. A spellbinding and beautiful
tale for the whole family!