Carrie Cader
Burnt Cupcakes: A Memoir of Marriage, Motherhood, and
by Carrie Cader

When thirty-one year old Carrie is over-extended, exhausted
from work, and trying to pull together the perfect birthday for
her child, she ends up on the kitchen floor, lying in a sticky
mess of splattered cupcakes, wondering how exactly she had
gotten to this point in her life.

A candid memoir, Burnt Cupcakes-a Memoir of Marriage,
Motherhood and Madness, is the story of a young woman who
is struggling to balance her marriage, two babies, career and
home, not to mention all the social pressures that accompany
raising a family in a close-knit community, all while not losing
herself along the way.

Presented with truth and humor, readers of Burnt Cupcakes
will respond with recognition and empathy to an honest and
genuine, but not always pretty, depiction of contemporary
marriage and motherhood..
Ranger's Romps: The Adventures of a Ginger Haired
by C, J & L Ludtker

Meet Ranger, a ginger haired pup, who comes to live
with the Lou family.  At first he is shy, not yet confident
in his new home.  It doesn’t take long for Ranger to
discover that fun and excitement are what he desires.  
Follow Ranger through his mishaps and adventures,
and learn how fun an active imagination can be. A
touching story of a puppy and family growing up
together. Rangers Romps is fun for the whole family
to read and enjoy..