Beth Carter
What Do You Want to Be? by Beth Carter

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE? is a timeless children’s picture
book that encourages children to consider their future hopes
and dreams. As students enter the classroom on the first day
of school, the teacher, Mrs. McGee, poses an important
question: What Do You Want To Be?  

Students excitedly (and sometimes shyly) shout out their
career aspirations from dancer to fireman to astronaut. Many
delightful occupations are mentioned in verse. At the end of
the day, Mrs. McGee emphasizes why learning is so important.
Formerly a bank vice president, Beth Carter reinvented herself a few years
ago and started writing novels—contemporary romance, women’s fiction,
romantic suspense and short stories. From there, she discovered a love for
writing children’s literature and is the proud author of WHAT DO YOU WANT
TO BE? scheduled for release September, 2011, by Mirror Publishing. With
this book, Carter hopes to inspire children to continue to have hopes and
dreams about their future during this  economic downturn when children hear
bad news daily and most likely have parents or relatives who are unemployed.

In marketing for 20 years, Carter has worked in education, healthcare,
banking, and green heat. She was published in IT ALL CHANGED IN AN
INSTANT, More Six-Word Memoirs alongside celebrities and famous authors.
Carter’s poem, “A Country Drive,” was published in an anthology, ECHOES
OF THE OZARKS, Vol. VI, and she has written non-fiction articles and an
award-winning television script. Carter is married and lives in the Midwest
where she is at work on her next book.     B &
The Missing Key by Beth Carter

Mother has lost her special key and turns the house upside
down looking for it. When Amy hears her mother chanting, "Me
oh my. My oh me," and sees her despair, she joins Mother in
search of the mysterious key.

Amy and Mother look under shoes and inside the flue,
beneath the teddy bear and in a bowl of pears. Where oh
where could it be? Finally, Amy finds it in an unusual place—
somewhere it should not be. She fears Mother will be upset.
Worse yet, will they miss the fair?

THE MISSING KEY is a charming tale of how children and
adults alike misplace belongings and how kids make simple
mistakes, yet are forgiven by their parents. For ages 3-7.     B &
Santa's Secret by Beth Carter

It’s Christmas Eve but George is grumpy. His mother tries
everything to get him into the holiday spirit. She sings
Christmas songs, bakes cookies and decorates the house
but George isn’t having it. He’s convinced Santa won’t visit
him. That is, until he discovers Santa has a secret.  Unable to
believe his eyes, George finally gets excited about the magic
of the season. This timeless holiday book is for children ages
3-8..     B &
Sour Power by Beth Carter

Ethan loves lemon cookies, lemon cupcakes, and even slices
of lemons. But he doesn’t realize he receives magical powers
from food that makes him pucker. When his best friend, Luke,
mentions he wishes he could fly, Ethan—having just eaten
lemons—waves his arms, and whoosh, Luke flies overhead
like a bird. Much to his surprise, a wide-eyed Ethan watches
Luke glide above the swing set, hover over their special tree
house, and make figure eights in the sky. After the initial fun
and excitement, Ethan begins to worry. How will he get his
friend back on the ground? Will Ethan regain his super
powers or will Luke fly in the sky forever?