Mark Childs
Jaloopa by Mark Childs
Book One - Home of the Poobah Baloo
The whimsical world of Jaloopa comes alive through the colorful
illustrations of acclaimed illustrator Kevin Scott Collier and the quirky,
humorous poems created in the tradition of the late, great Dr. Seuss.
Join the adventurous Juju and his friend, Chief Boo-Bup-A-Do as they
travel through the magical land of Jaloopa.

Book Two - The Jaloopa Jalopy and the Funny Farm
Chief Boo-Bup-A-Do and Juju climb aboard the famous Jaloopa Jalopy
for a journey to the Funny Farm. Haystack McGee is your guide as you
tour the funniest farm you will ever see. From Cackling Cucumbers and
watermelon pops, to sweet and sour chickens and plenty of fun stops,
the Funny Farm has it all.
Jaloopiter by Mark Childs
Deep in the jungle, through a tunnel that is green.
Juju will take you to a place that no one has ever seen.

He leads you to the Jaloopiter, a space shuttle like no other.
The captain of this magic ship is Gollymolly, the chief’s mother.

Chief Boo-Bup-A-Do is going to join you on your trip.
Travelling in space is lots of fun, and the Jaloopiter is quite a ship.

The poem says it all. Join Gollymolly, Chief Boo-Bup-A-Do and Juju as
you explore the strange, the weird and the fun, on your journey to
Zoobagoo, the largest zoo in the universe. The Jaloopiter is a book
about fun with colorful pictures and quirky poems.
The Proving Grounds of Armageddon  by Mark Childs
On a hot, humid day in early July, he appeared out of thin air, less than a mile from
Central Park. Eyewitness testimony varied considerably, but everyone agreed on two
things. His snow-white beard flowed beyond his navel, and the staff he wielded in his
right hand was as black as night. His robes billowed behind him as he marched
toward the United Nations building. Anyone in proximity to this stranger stopped what
they were doing and began to follow, consciously unaware of their action. His name
was Zemith. He was a collector.

The Jarn, a race of god-like creatures from the outer reaches of the universe, have
been monitoring Earth for centuries. Earth no longer emits a positive, harmonious
energy, making it a threat to the sensitive balance needed to maintain universal order.
Zemith, an ambassador representing the Jarn, travelled to Earth to collect two
hundred participants, utterly at random; male, female, young and old. Those selected,
will represent Earth at the Proving Grounds of Armageddon, pitting humankind against
thousands of other creatures from distant galaxies.

The entire population of Earth will bear witness as the bizarre events unfold, in a
series of ten trials, testing humankind in every possible way. Wishes are granted to
the victors, offering Earth a chance at salvation. Failure will result in Armageddon. Hell
will rain down on Earth.