Ginny Christensen
Ginny Christensen was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  She currently lives in
Fresno, California with her husband, and two children. Her second children's book,
Princess Andrea’s Birthday Surprise was inspired by a pet duck her daughter received as
a present. Photos of Andrea and her duck are listed on Ginny’s website.

In addition to her children's books, Ginny is also working on a romance novel. You can  
find out more about Ginny and her work, and view information about her first published
children’s book,  Nicky’s Nocturnal Octopus, by visiting her website.

You can visit Ginny at:
Come Join The Party, as Princess Andrea celebrates her 8th Birthday.

Andrea is given a special present and her friends all think it is so
neat.  She also receives a book so that she can learn all about her
new pet duck, Baby Chuck.  Andrea’s newfound pet brings her much
delight and as her love for it grows and grows, so does its curiosity.  It
goes exploring through the house, but its mischievous nature gets
him into TROUBLE!  The dreaded day finally comes when Baby
Chuck must go and Andrea is so sad, because Baby Chuck is the
first pet she ever had.  Will Andrea be able to overcome her

Princess Andrea’s Birthday Surprise is written in rhyming prose and
contains educational duck facts. This is the first story in the Princess
Andrea series.  The next adventure will take Princess Andrea to Paris,
where she discovers all the fascinating sites and learns to speak a
little French!