Patrice Colamesta
Hey, Little Boys can Glam-up, too! by Patrice Colamesta

Little Brayden, the third child, a total surprise to his family,
was fighting sibling rivalry from the start. The in-vitro twins,
Madison and Daniel, the first grandchildren were very much
loved and spoiled. They loved Brayden until he got more
attention than they did … then it started! They pushed him
away and would not let him play, taking his toys and making
him cry.

Finally one day, Madison, who he calls Ba Ba, decided she
wanted a sister and dressed Brayden up in one of her
dresses. Then Brayden realized that Ba Ba would play with
him for hours and he did not care if she put makeup or
dresses on him. It made her happy and she would not let
Danny pick on him. Ba Ba loved him for being her pretend
sister. She Glammed him up all day long. Plus, Brayden did
like wearing her long hair wig, her princess dresses, and
her shoes. He said they were soft and airy.

Then he decided he wanted to dress himself up in his own
boy clothes also. So one day at age three … that was it. He
Glammed up in boys clothes and also in Ba Ba’s dresses
and shoes. Fun is fun, wearing nice clothes and looking
nice. Being accepted and loved is what it is all about.