Judy Coleman
Grouchy Bear by Judy Coleman     
Grouchy Bear is a little bear who lives in the forest with his animal friends.  Although some days he is
grumpy and grouchy, his forest friends have always continued to love him.  One day when Grouchy is in
a very bad mood, he is faced with reaping the consequences of his unpleasant behavior. Once he
learns how his attitude affects those around him he finally realizes the importance of being kind to
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.....Judy Coleman grew up on a small farm in Ohio, the youngest of eight children.  She began
creating characters and stories as a young teenager for her nieces and nephews and then later wrote
many stories for her own three children.  Recently her imagination was re-ignited by creating new
stories for her young grandson.  All of her stories feature lovable little characters, and teach an
important lesson to help young children learn to get along with and respect others, to accept
themselves, and to appreciate life.  
.....She lives with her husband on a farm in Belmont County, Ohio, where they own and operate a farm
equipment sales business.  Weekends often find Judy playing bass fiddle with the family bluegrass
and gospel band, along with her husband, their son and daughter, and other family members.
.....Judy wrote Grouchy Bear when she was just twelve, and has already entertained several
generations of children with this unique story.
email:  Jdc042352@aol.com
Timmy and the Tick by Judy Coleman     
Timmy is a very active four year old who loves to run with his sister and play with his dog Spikey. But
one morning Timmy woke up not feeling well so his mom took him to the doctor. And guess what?
Timmy had been bitten by a tick and had Lyme disease. Timmy was lucky that the doctor knew exactly
what to do and soon he was able to once again enjoy his favorite activities.

Timmy and the Tick is written for children 2 to 8 years old and is an entertaining as well as educational
story to help kids and parents learn about Lyme disease. It is full of information on the symptoms and
tips on how to prevent it.