Corey Colombin
Eli Ate a Fly by Corey Colombin     
Eli Ate a Fly follows Eli and his friends in silly rhymes that depict the
fun-filled world of kids. There’s a fly to find on every page, like the
ones where Lars keeps in jars all the bugs from the yard; and
Sharon tucks her hair in ‘cause brushing it’s too hard. In the end we
learn that Eli ate a fly, but he ate it by mistake and turns very, very
Corey Colombin has been writing and drawing for
as long as she could remember, starting with
crayons and fat watercolor brushes. When she
grew up and became Mommy to five children, she
spent a lot of time drawing sketches for them to
color, and even more time reading books out loud,
especially books with bright illustrations. Eli Ate a
Fly is just the sort of book she would read to her
own kids … over and over again.
Poor Me by Corey Colombin     
This is a story about a little girl who wakes up feeling sick. Well,
maybe just a little bit sick. So her Mommy & Daddy take her with
them to run errands. All through the day she says, "Poor me," even
while she’s at the playground, and buying gumballs, and picking out
movies. At the end of the day, she wonders if maybe she’ll be sick
again sometime soon.

Poor Me is one of those "read-it-to-me-again" classics that kids will
reach for again and again. My daughter loved the illustrations, and
the storyline is so clever!
.....................................................– Amy Fisher, Managing Editor,
.......................................................Colorado Serenity Magazine
Confessions of a Coffee Slinger by Corey Colombin     
Marla Endicott is living her dream. Well, let’s just call it her "revised dream." After
an embarrassing, very public fall from the corporate world, she changes
absolutely everything in her life, embarking on a new adventure: becoming the
owner and operator of a drive thru espresso hut. Things spice up when she
meets two amazing women who share her trials and triumphs, while she
struggles to adjust to life outside of the city. When a sudden turn of events causes
her to take a closer look at her life, Marla realizes she’s about to learn what it
really takes to follow her own heart.

Confessions of a Coffee Slinger is the story of one woman’s colorful friendships,
upside down love interests, and enlightened views of the world from the inside of
a drive-thru coffee hut.
100 Man Mattress by Corey Colombin     
Six years ago, Sara began her new life—graduating college, landing
her dream job, and moving into her own apartment. Shocked at the
price of her first major purchase, a mattress, she recalls thinking it
should last 100 men, at least! Which prompts the question, how
many have there been … exactly? The answer lies in a trunk full of
journals. With the help of her best friend, Monica, and several
bottles of wine, Sara delves headlong into researching the exact

Seth, a sexy and soulful artist, harbors a secret love for Sara, but if
the insufferable Portia has her way, she’ll keep him for herself.  A
crisis brings everyone together, creating strange bedfellows,
stranger research, and even appearances by Sara’s father, who
doesn’t let being dead stand in the way of offering timely advice.

With colorful characters, misadventures, and a quirky collection of
her past and current lovers, Sara’s journey of discovery is at once
everything, and nothing at all like what she expected. Lovers, lovers
everywhere, but can she unlock the secret to true love?     B &
The Widow Bride by Corey Colombin     

Rory Kidwell, a fledgling artist, is living blissfully with the love of her
life, soon-to-be professor, Elliot Wheeler. Embarking on their
honeymoon, they are completely unaware of the cruel twist of fate
ahead. In a flash, Rory's life is turned upside down. When Elliot
makes a habit of visiting from beyond, she is reminded of all the
reasons she fell in love with him. But, will the promise that binds
them stand in the way of a second chance at love?     B &
Hooziewott by Corey Colombin     

Meet Hooziewott, a funny creature with pom-pom ears and a very
looooong tail. Deep in the jungle, he plays all day - high up in the
tree tops, inside a dark cave - even in a gooey mud puddle.
Late at night when the moon shines full, the day's adventures leave
him all tuckered out. Where do you suppose a creature like
Hooziewott sleeps? Find out in this silly, read-out-loud rhyming
book, sure to make you giggle.     B &