L.K. Colyer
Watch and See by L.K. Colyer  
You’ve heard the Christmas story, but never have you seen it
through the eyes of Reeshone, the star that shone over
Bethlehem. Join Reeshone as he talks with his Father
about the amazing events that are happening beneath him,
and hear about events that will happen throughout time. You
might just see the Christmas story in an amazing new light.
I Am Your Mother by L.K. Colyer  
Motherhood is a wonderful life-long experience.  The years
take you through many stages with your children, all of them
sweeter than the last.  “I Am Your Mother” expresses the
excitement of the pregnancy, the journey through childhood
and the joy of watching your children get married and
holding your grandchildren.  Join the author as she takes a
journey through every stage of life with her children and finds
that she is proud to say that “You are my child, and I am your
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