J.M. Coonan
The Dream Door:  Journey to the Land of Mer by J.M. Coonan    
Katie is a regular 11-year-old girl with the typical problems of a fifth grader: a bully
named Maryann McAllister who won’t leave her alone, a little sister Emma who can drive
her crazy, and parents who just don’t seem to understand her. That is, until an incredible
secret changes her life forever.  

The discovery of an ancient key hidden in the old dusty attic of Katie’s house provides
the promise of mystery and excitement she craves. When her dad dismisses it as
worthless, she resolves to uncover the truth – even if no one knows.  

Late one night as her sister sleeps soundly, Katie tiptoes down the dark hall, heart
pounding, led by the glowing key. Amazed when an old wooden door appears, the key
unlocks the passageway to a magical land filled with colorful characters and mystical
creatures that seem oddly familiar.  

Surprised to encounter her sister Emma, happily dancing and singing in the midst of a
princess tea party complete with unicorns and castles, Katie slowly realizes she had
stepped right into one of her sister’s dreams.  

It isn’t long before Katie learns there is a dark side to this enchanted place as she
ventures into the Land of Shadows--the birthplace of nightmares.

Dreaming is no longer just for those who are sleeping…
J.M. Coonan, author of The Dream Door:  Journey to the Land of Mer    
Jim Coonan has been a stay at home dad for the past 10 years, reading to his two
daughters Kaitlyn and Emma either before bed or at free moments during the day, they
would journey to far away places in magical kingdoms with mystical creatures. His
daughters’ countless daydreams and wishes to travel to faraway lands like the ones in
the books they were reading were his inspiration for the book The Dream Door.