Marianne Costante
Four Tomorrows by Marianne Costante
In a quiet and peaceful up scale community in Arizona, four best friends
attend Sunrise Middle School and make eighth grade a year to remember.
Crystal Lawrence believes she is the reason for her parents' divorce and her
loneliness. She desperately takes her mother’s prescription drugs thinking
she will just go to sleep and not have to confront her fears. She is beautiful
with the looks of a movie star, always looking for her mother’s guidance but
only finding loneliness. Her signature impersonations of the stars makes it
easy for Crystal to hide in her characters.
Susan Turner, a thirteen year old whose beauty is overwhelming to those
who do not know her, will guide her friends with strength, wisdom and
leadership. Her judgment and courage gives her power to succeed. She is a
role model for all young girls to do their best.
Emily White is always trying harder to be the best in her class. The Wildcats
School newspaper is where Susan and Emily turn their talent into words.
Emily finds her friends when gossip turns into lies.
Sabrina Diaz has music in her sole. With loyalty and love for her friends and
family, she is never questioned. Her eyes tell a story that will change her
forever when her innocence is hunted by a teacher who only wants one thing.
Each day begins a new adventure, weather the girls go shopping at the Mall
or looking forward to the next school dance. As they continue to grow they
continue to find excitement in every new day.
Marianne was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents moved to California where
she grew up and married her high school sweetheart. Raising her family in
Orange County, California where she was a Real Estate Agent until 1997 when
she and her husband retired and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Since moving to Las Vegas, Marianne has always been creative, her love of
painting mostly for family and friends. She also stayed busy with volunteer work
in the middle schools and grade school levels teaching a reading program to
slower readers.
Seeing young teenagers always looking for something to keep them busy,
many getting into trouble. Marianne felt there is something missing in the
quality of today's young adults, family values and the respect that has been lost
in today's society. This has inspired her to write her book.