Christine Mullins Cowden
Candle Barnes and Maggie Anderson: Who Knew Maggie Had a
by Christine Mullins Cowden

Being a teen-age girl is hard enough without watching your mom
and dad go through a divorce. Candle’s world fell apart when her
dad walked out and disappeared for three years. Candle’s mom
thought she could find happiness by moving them from state to
state. Life was hard and Candle attended a new school every year
until they moved to Sleepy-Eye Tennessee. Living next door to their
new house was Andy Jones, sixteen and looking like a computer
nerd, but working hard to win Candle’s heart. Candle attends
Sleepy-Eye High School where she meets Maggie Anderson who’s
eating out of the school’s trash cans, and living in an old car with
her parents, who are sick. Candle’s faith in God gives her the
strength to find a way to help Maggie Anderson, while overcoming
abuse from school bullies. Andy wins Candle’s heart, and together
they work hard to reunite her mom and dad.