Jo Cross
The Little Green Dragon No One Wanted to
Play With
by Jo Cross

Hilokeo is a little green dragon full of energy
due to his ADHD.  Come spend a school day
with Hilokeo and see the world through his
eyes.  See just how hard it is for him to make
friends when he is always getting in trouble.  
It isn't until Hilokeo stops trying to make
friends that he and the other dragons
discover something very special about him.  
This is a must read book for all children.

The inspiration for Hilokeo.
Jo Cross grew up in Hershey, Nebraska, the oldest of 4 children.  After high school,
she attended college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where she studied art

While in college, Jo met her husband, Tom.  They have been married 17 yrs and
have 4 children together.  In college, Jo was diagnosed with dyslexia, a reading
disorder.  Through adolescence, Jo always felt she was the "dumb kid" in the class
because of struggles with reading, writing, and mathematics.  

One day, a teacher said to Jo, "everyone has a learning disability.  Having a learning
disability is no reason not to try your hardest or to use it as an excuse.  We all have to
learn to function in the world despite our challenges."  These are words that have
always stuck with Jo.   They have helped her with her own children who have ADD
and ADHD.

Jo still lives in Kearney, Nebraska with her husband and 4 children.  She works out of
her home as a Paper Artist and stay at home Mom.  She is proof that just because
you struggle to read, that doesn't mean you can't find a way to reach your dreams.  
When God closes a door he always opens a window, even if the window is small.  
Sometimes you just have to look for it or do what she did and stumble upon it.  You
just can't be afraid to do something about it when you find your window.