Michael T. Curd, D. Min.
Michael T. Curd, D. Min. served as a U.S. Army
Chaplain for twenty years; four as a clinician at
William Beaumont Army Medical Center and two
plus years as a clinician at Brooke Army Medical
Center.  Dr. Curd developed and wrote the first
approved “Protocol for the Role of Chaplains in a
Trauma/Medical Resuscitation” in 1993 which
continues to be used throughout the Armed
Forces.  He has also been a Vice President for
Pastoral Care Services in corporate health care.  
He is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist
Church, a Board Certified Chaplain, a Licensed
Marriage and Family Therapist and a Director of
Psychodrama.  Michael has four adult children
and three grand children.  He is an avid angler and
enjoys living in Omaha, Nebraska with “the girls,”
Bijou and Zoé, his toy poodles.  He is a native

Through the Valley by Michael T. Curd, D. Min.

Through the Valley is three traumatic weeks in the daily
routines of one medical team in a major, tertiary medical
center. Like riding shotgun in a police cruiser as an onlooker
in the life of a cop, Dr. Curd invites the reader to shadow the
beat of hospital chaplains as they tend the bedsides of the
sick, wounded and dying.

These are not stories concocted in someone’s imagination,
but lifelike accounts of human tragedies and frailties as seen
through the eyes of medical professionals. The characters -
patients, medics, and others - are real, although names and
some composites have been changed to protect their identity,
but all authentic and believable

In the clinical sterility of hospitals, from the "puke green"
scrubs to the endless and mindless acronyms of medical
dictionaries and credentials, the reader is led through the
shiny, though seldom soulless, floors of a never sleeping
hospital. The chaplains’ presence and humanity breaks
through the antiseptic setting to lay bare the humanity of both
patients and staff, and brings sanctity and dignity to what
could otherwise become nothing more than a salvage yard
and repair shop for sick and broken bodies. CH (COL-RET)
Paul W. Dodd, D. Min., LPC, Austin, Texas
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