Janet Davis
"Hey dudes and dudettes, what’s up?" greets Splish.

We are raindrops that ..." Splish tries to continue.

"I shall tell the kids on earth ‘what’s up’ as you put it," interrupts Patter.

"Come now, Patter. I should be the one to tell, after all Pitter comes before
Patter," demands Pitter.

"Alright you guys, I’ve had enough of your arguing! This is how it’s going down
and please, no interruptions," insists Puddles. "Ok, Old Man Pouring Rain
created us from an ancient recipe, E C double L P, that brings raindrops to life.
Unfortunately, he made Pitter and Patter. Since they are part of our raindrop
family, we can’t return them. We ask that you come join us on our first adventure
to earth to find out what happens to Scattered- when he is caught hanging from a
window ledge with a black fur ball on the loose and when Splish and Splash get
attacked by a boy who doesn’t believe we are REAL! Find out if Drizzle gets
rescued from a raindrop napping. Then see how we return to our home in the
clouds back to Old Man Pouring Rain."

"Hope to see you there!"


Puddles, Sprinkles, Scattered, Splish and Splash, Drizzle, Pitter and Patter, Misty,
The raindrops are back rapping their mission to kids and their families in New
York’s Central Park. Pitter is in charge of this adventure to earth leading his family
of raindrops into a duck infested lake, climbing up trees, running in circles in an
attempt to find Summer Stage.  

Pitter wishes he had listened to Old Man Pouring Rain when he said, "I insist that
each of you take a map with you ...." Pitter and Patter reply, "We don’t need a map
when we are in charge!"  

Scattered gets lost, Puddles wonders off and falls in love with a bird, and Old Man
Pouring Rain has to come down to rescue Puddles from the clutches of the bird’s

The raindrops meet Jamie, a boy with Leukemia, and learn some valued lessons
like that the people you live with and love you are your family and families have a
way of working out difficult situations to help satisfy everyone.  

Old Man Pouring Rain takes over at Summer Stage, teaching kids and their
families the importance of water and not to waste it.  

Misty quickly shouts out, "I found it, I found it!"  

"Well, it’s about time! I’ve been wanting to go home since we got here," whines

The raindrops go back home into the clouds to get ready for their next adventure.