Gordon Day & Diana Harkai
Max and His Playmates Face a Bully by Gordon Day & Diana
Max and his playmates demonstrate the power of kindness and
friendship when Carl, the neighborhood bully, tries to interfere
with their game of kickball.
Gordon Day was raised on the beautiful coast of North Carolina
where the ocean breezes, sunsets and warm sands fueled his
passion for writing.   His inspiration to write comes from the belief
that dreams do come true and to never give up on those dreams.  He
is retired and currently lives in Roaming Shores, Ohio, but hopes to
return soon to North Carolina.  

email:  jenet1939@hotmail.com
Little Billy by Gordon Day  
Little Billy is the story of a young tooth who learns all to quickly
about the dangers of making poor decisions and the importance
of listening to those who care about him. The story is a learning
tool and will aid all children in discovering the value of oral
Black Code by Gordon Day  
In North Carolina after the Civil War, John, a young black man, is
accused of a crime.  As the story unfolds, John and his family
experience many injustices.  John lives in terrible conditions in
jail and his kinfolk receives visits from members of the KKK.  But
the greatest injustice comes from the State of North Carolina
when it passes a law known as the “BLACK CODE,” and it has a
devastating impact on the family..
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