Shelby DeBause, MA, LMFT
B &
It’s... Just Private by Shelby DeBause, MA, LMFT
and Ashley Wroton, Ed.S., LPC, RPT

Jayla and Justin enjoy playing hide-and-seek on the
playground at school.  One day they discover their friends
playing a game that they have never heard of before.  When
the teacher learns of this game, she explains to everyone
about “private parts.” Jayla and Justin both tell their parents,
who talk to them about safe and polite boundaries with
“private” body parts.  How do their parents talk to them about
these body parts? What do Jayla and Justin tell their friends
about that game?
B &
Ringo the Elf: Who Couldn’t Keep His Hands to Himself by
Shelby DeBause

It can be hard to keep our hands to ourselves...even for elves!
Ringo keeps upsetting his friends. Will Santa have to send
this naughty little elf south, or will Ringo learn to control
himself and be a gentler elf? Join Ringo in this adorable tale
of a fun little elf that was not made for sitting still.

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Shelby DeBause is a counselor and an advocate for
children and families. She has been writing essays and
professional articles for many years, but she most loves
writing poetry. She lives in Southeastern Virginia with her
family of four and a big, goofy bulldog. She is the author of
Ringo the Elf and co-author of It’s Just Private, both
published by Mirror and available on Amazon or through
your local bookseller.