Mary DeMoss
House of Do-dear by Mary Demoss   
Thanksgiving: a time for celebration and fellowship. The house of Do-
dear is no different. Her seven dearies are so very diverse, yet when
they join to give thanks, they are all really quite the same. Among
others, you will meet Rulient who flies in on his grouse, moss eating
Trintop, and Bip who grows soap. Each one brings a bit of themselves
to the celebration, but then, as they sit at one table, this group of many
individuals becomes a family of one.
Written entirely in verse and illustrated by Kim Elzy, this is an
engaging, humorous story about a typical family celebrating a very
typical holiday.  So, please pass the thistles…
Mary DeMoss was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut with her seven
siblings.  It is from here that the inspiration for The House of Do-dear came.  
Thanksgivings were huge, both in the number of people and in the energy it took to
prepare.  It was not unusual to have 50 people sitting down for dinner at one table.  
This event was, by far, the most important time for the family to congregate during
the year.

Mary now lives on Virginia¢s Eastern Shore with her husband Jeff.  They have three
grown children. Mary is a substitute teacher at the local elementary school.  Her
free summers allows for her favorite pastime of sailing, fishing and crabbing.

Cloud Works by Mary Demoss
The next time you look up and see a big, fluffy cloud, think about
what goes on inside of it. Cloud Works takes the reader inside
a cloud and shows how all those tiny droplets work and play.
Follow a day in the life of drop Lizzie, a student at Cloudy Day
Academy. Here, Storm Trainer Judibelle teaches the droplets
the art of soaking, drenching, hailing and snowing. This story
also lends insight as to how Director, Roy G. Biv instructs his
retired drops form those beautiful rainbows that excite the sky
with their colors.