Erosalyn B. Deveza
ENKANTONIA: The Return of the Fairy Princess by  Erosalyn B. Deveza
.....Enkantonia: The Return of the Fairy Princess is the first book of the series. It takes young
readers on a magical journey between the land of mortals and fairyland, as the schoolgirl
Ella finds herself transformed into the valiant  Princess Alynna, doing battle with the
villainous Herin to avenge the passing of her birth parents in the magical kingdom of
Enkantonia.  Ella is a twelve-year-old girl who is different. She has pointy ears and an other
worldly imagination.  Found in a garden as a baby and adopted by her mortal parents, she
lives  quietly with her family until a delegation of fairy and dwarves visit to tell her she is the
exiled Princess Alynna of Enkantonia, spirited away to the mortal world at birth to protect her
from the evil reach of Herin. Persuaded by her friends to return to her fairyland home to lead
them into battle, Ella regains her fairy powers and rediscovers her past, but makes an even
more important discovery: the abiding power of love to overcome evil.
.....Join Ella/Princess Alynna’s journey as she returns to the magical kingdom of Enkantonia.
Erosalyn Buendia-Deveza, lives in California with her husband Ricardo Deveza, Jr with their two
wonderful children, Aliana Krystel, 13 and Krystian, 5.  Erosalyn grew up in the Philippines and
is a graduate of Assumption College in Makati City earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer
Information System. She arrived in the United States in 1998 to start a new life with her
husband. Her daughter Aliana, 2 years old at that time was not able to join them in the US but
after 2 years of waiting, her daughter finally joined them. Erosalyn have known in her life the
experience of being different and away from her family. She has drawn on this experience in
creating the character of Ella/Alynna, who is torn between the fairy and mortal worlds. Erosalyn
is enjoying her busy life with her wonderful family. As the storyteller in the family, she is hoping
to write more magical stories for children.