Minda Devorkin
Beau the Bee by  Minda Devorkin

Invite your new friend Beau into your heart. Beau is a positive, kind, and
confident bee who happily takes you on his special journey of learning to
love himself despite looking different from the other bees. Beau
generously shares his helpful life tools so everyone can "bee" their best
Growing up in Chicago, Minda received a degree in education and a
master’s degree in Medical Social Work. Minda’s life intention has been
to impact the lives of others to bring about positive change, and to
transcend a more peaceful existence towards self and out into the world.  
Since high school, she has worked with children, teens, and adults (also
high-risk and special needs) in a multitude of settings.

After moving to Milwaukee she eventually took a break from her
longstanding career. Minda’s curiosity, love and passion for yoga began
in early 2000 while attending yoga classes and being a mom. She
quickly realized how yoga‘s philosophy mirrored the way she lived her
life. She was then guided to teach and became a registered yoga teacher
and certified children’s yoga teacher.  She realized with great
enthusiasm and deep satisfaction that she could combine her social
work background, yoga and her compassion for children and teens
without the stressors of her previous career.

Beau The Bee, Minda’s first published book, is a creative expression of
many of her loves, including, children, art, family, friends, nature, all living
things, yoga, writing and a positive, playful outlook on life.  Beau was
originally created for a class she taught at a children’s yoga training.  The
intention of the book is to become a valuable vehicle to deliver Minda’s
powerful message regarding the importance of introducing precious life
tools at a very young age to enhance self-love and strong self-esteem.
Her mission is to help young people navigate through life with a sense of
grace, ease, strength and curiosity and to live by her motto, "listen to

Minda has been teaching yoga to children, teens and adults for many
years. She resides in Fox Point, Wisconsin with her husband and their
two teenage daughters & many pets.

email:  sageyoga@wi.rr.com
website:  www.sageyogallc.com