Mary Parker Donaldson
Andy the Soldier Ant by Mary Parker Donaldson

Andy's mission is to guard the tiny ANT KINGDOM located
on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol Building in
Washington, D. C. One day Andy is surprised to find
himself in the middle of a plan that could destroy his
kingdom home. He must think fast and warn the Queen.
Timothy Firefly and the Fourth of July by Mary Parker

The evening of the Fourth of July was one TIMOTHY the
FIREFLY will remember always.  Fireworks were the first
surprise of the evening.  The way home took on even
more excitement and danger again and again.  Oh, for the
safety of home!
Mary Eliza by Mary Parker Donaldson

Everyone has a hero or heroine.  Mary Eliza was mine.

Irish to the core and full of spirit she was.  This hard working, fun
loving, train hopping, horse betting, genuine treasure was my

Get comfortable and enjoy her as I did (most of the time).
Andy Visits Washington, D. C. by Mary Parker Donaldson

In the second adventure of ANDY THE SOLDIER ANT, Andy is on a
mission for the Queen of the Ant Colony when he suddenly finds
himself taken away from home. On a moving tour he’ll never forget,
he discovers a bright, beautiful city and the answer to satisfying his
Cowboy Dreams by Mary Parker Donaldson

This is a poetic story of a little boy who lives on a cattle ranch. He
wants to be a real cowboy someday. He dreams of the old west
and fighting outlaws, of being the trail boss on a cattle drive, of
riding a bull, owning his own ranch out west. His dad shares
some secrets to help make his dream come true..     B &
The Pizzard by Mary Parker Donaldson

We all know them. They are all around us, those sometimes
happy, sometimes hateful people. My friend labeled them
PIZZARDS. He shared with me how to recognize them and what to
do when they are nearby. I want to share that secret with you.     B &
Grandma's Garden by Mary Parker Donaldson

Grandma’s garden is a magical place. Lots of things grow there
like flowers, vegetables, fond memories, and lessons only Mother
Nature and Grandma can teach.     B &
Oh, Yes You Can by Mary Parker Donaldson

Robert wants to be a part of everything he finds fun and interesting
even though he must try harder than the other children.  He has a
special challenge.  Whether you are a boy or girl, he will show you
how to have the most fun no matter what it is you want to do.