Kevin M. Donovan
Opa and Me by Kevin M. Donovan

Two best friends: a little girl and her German grandfather.
Opa loves his granddaughter and enjoys sharing all
things German with her, especially the German’s favorite
pastime of going for a good walk. The little girl loves her
Opa and really enjoys their long walks together along with
Opa’s German mini-lessons:

Opa tries to teach me German
A new word every day
Today the word is weiss
The color of the Schnee

She wants to let her Opa know that the time they spend
together is very special to her… but she’s just not sure
how to say it.
Kevin's interest in the German culture comes from his wife
Helga, her very German parents, and living in Germany for 5
1/2 years.  They made the most of their time while living in
Deutschland.  In Berlin they explored Kurfürstendamm
Strasse and camped in the Grunewald.  Their first daughter,
Jennifer, was born in Berlin.  In other parts of Germany, they
skied on the Zugspitze, cruised the Königsee, and picked
grapes at a vineyard in Diefenbach.  Kevin and his wife have 4
children and 6 (soon to be 7) rambunctious and happy
grandchildren that call them "Opa" and "Oma".  Kevin is a
retired teacher and a member of the German American
Cultural Society of Rhode Island.  
Opa and Me Go to the Zoo  by Kevin M. Donovan

Two best friends: a little girl and her German grandfather
plan a trip to the zoo. The little girl is excited because Opa
turns everything into an adventure.

Next we see the monkeys.
Opa calls them Affen.
He calls one by my name.
It looks. We both start laughin’.

Her expectations of fun quickly start to disappear due to
unpleasant weather and uncooperative animals.
However, wise old Opa manages to turn things around
and save the day, just like always.
Oma and Me: A Christmas Story  by Kevin M. Donovan

A little boy and his German grandmother are getting ready
for Christmas. Oma enjoys sharing German Christmas
traditions with her grandson. During the four weeks
leading up to Weihnachten, she sings "Oh Tannenbaum"
while baking Christmas cookies and Stollen. She shares
her Christmas stories in hopes that her grandson will feel
the true Christmas spirit:

Then she talks about the Kristkind
born on Christmas night,
and the three wise men who finally made it.
"Ach, es war so weit!"

The little boy loves Oma’s Christmas cookies, her stories,
and especially waking up on Nicholas Tag to find his
boots filled with candy! He thinks this is what Christmas
is all about. Oma wants him to know what Christmas is
really about.