Martin Regan Dove     B &
Life... By Alphabet by Martin Regan Dove

Life…By Alphabet is an immediately approachable and likeable
way to tackle a wide array of subjects as the author forces his
drink and his spell upon you like the rare sage or bar-stool
philosopher asking for nothing but your ear and to share a drink
while attempting to winnow out wisdom in this strangely
beautiful world. Subjects like Cats, Cigarettes, and Capitalism
all under one chapter and available to read in one sitting; a
quick glance through the table of contents will clue you in to
what you’re in for.

Enjoy the witty conversational style of a comic masterfully
leading his audience through a kaleidoscope of subjects
illuminating the humor and folly of being human.
From December to July: The Amanda File
by Martin Regan Dove

This book is representative of what happens when you mix
scotch with ink (although I do not recommend doing it in the
same glass).  While I was writing and editing my last book,
Life…by Alphabet, to wind down in the late evening, I would
write poetry and a short story or two strictly to entertain my
friend Amanda in England.  Between the months of
December and July I scribbled away not paying attention to
what, or how much I was writing, and then one day I realized I
had filled a folder.  I named this folder “The Amanda File” and
much to my surprise, found I had quite accidentally written a
small volume of work.  The first half of this book is exactly
that, just what I wrote specifically to Amanda.  The second
half is pieces I have written over a twenty five year period,
which Amanda herself hand picked.  Keep in mind Amanda
and I have never met, we are strictly, ah, electronic pen-pals I
suppose.  But words have made us friends, and because of
words, we have managed to entwine hearts over an ocean.  
Now pour a drink or a glass of wine, crack this puppy open,
and tell me what you think.     B &