Donna Dumas
Hard Head Fred  by Donna Dumas    
Seven year old Fred will stop at nothing! Almost anything can
happen, and will, when he refuses to listen to his Mom. Modest
Mom is spinning in circles as she attempts to deal with his
stubborn behavior. She warns him not to do things that he
somehow ends up doing anyway. Sound familiar? What does
Fred do when Mom says don’t? Will Fred’s hard, hard, head
cause him to have little accidents or even lose his cat, Ned or
will he finally have a change of heart and listen to Mom and stop
having such a hard, hard, head?
“Here kitty, kitty,” said Fred.
Donna was Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Ripley, Tennessee as well. She spent her
early years excitingly writing short stories and poetry as she vividly remembers telling them to
her smaller cousins and close friends. Donna is a Maintenance Administrator for AT&T and
the vice-president of their non-profit organization, the AT&T Pioneers. Her dream is to open a
day care  while she continues to write children books. Donna credits the love and joy of her
son and her nieces and nephews for adding to her ambition of living out those dreams. She
now resides in the suburban area of Macomb County Michigan with her family and her dog