Cathy Cress Eller
Cathy Cress Eller, author of Carnella Caterpillar: Jeepers Creepers
Cathy Cress Eller is the mother of two grown children and a “Nana” to three precious granddaughters
and one precious grandson.  In 2006 she retired from a fortune 500 company after 36 years in
administration and community relations. She and her husband, Freddie, live in a small town in
Piedmont, North Carolina.  Cathy began writing and filing the stories away while raising her children.  
She promised herself and others to publish and share them when she retired.
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Carnella Caterpillar: Jeepers Creepers by Cathy Cress Eller     
Carnella Caterpillar: Jeepers Creepers, is a thoughtful story about
a special needs Caterpillar.  Find out how Carnella’s friends
become determined to come up with a plan to help solve her
challenge.  When this bunch of buggy buddies put their heads
together, you'll be amazed at the innovative invention they come
up with to help their friend get around. This story warms the heart
and shows that kindness is contagious and teaches that we can
always work together to make someone's life a little better.   
Ladybug Grace: Have No Fear by Cathy Cress Eller
Ladybug Grace: Have No Fear is a courageous story about a
curious Ladybug who finds herself trapped all alone in an
unfamiliar place. Ladybug Grace’s friends assure her they will be
back to rescue her and encourage her to not be afraid, be brave,
have courage, be strong and have no fear.

This story warms the heart and shows that we should have no
fear and that we can always use help from someone much
bigger than ourselves.
Madelyn Butterfly and Emma Cricket Wing It by Cathy Cress Eller
Madelyn Butterfly and Emma Cricket Wing It is an inspiring story
about two friends who help each other when they are faced with an
unexpected dilemma. Encouragement and determination are the
keys that unlock the treasure of their hidden talents and gifts to each

This story shows that sometimes it takes a friend to help us look
deep inside ourselves and discover our own special talents and
gifts.     B &
A Basket Case for Owen and Cecil by Cathy Cress Eller
A Basket Case for Owen and Cecil is the story about two friends who
stare temptation right in the eye. They are faced with a very important they do what they really want to do, OR do they do what
they know is the right thing to do?

This story shows that there are temptations all around us. Just like
Owen and Cecil, sometimes we have to decide what is the best
thing to do. Remember, if you listen to your heart, you’ll always do
the right thing.