Christy Esmahan
Christy Esmahan, author of Grammy and the Wily Raccoon.
Christy grew up in Cincinnati , Ohio , though she lived in Europe for
much of her adult life. She has a doctorate in Molecular Biology and
has worked as a teacher, high school administrator, and as a
translator. Only recently has she begun to pursue her dream of
writing. She is a voracious reader, and especially loves audio
books which she “reads” constantly, not only in the car, but also
while cooking, another passion of hers. Christy is the mom of four
teenagers, the oldest of whom just began college in the fall of
2009. She resides with her husband and children in Houston ,
Grammy and the Wily Raccoon by Christy Esmahan
One morning Grammy accidentally catches a raccoon
in the trap in her back yard. What should she and
Grandpa do with it? Everyone, including the wily
raccoon, is wondering what they will do. What would
you do? Read this story and find out what happens!