Nancy Fabian
The Red Cat by Nancy Fabian

Mindy was a loving cat. She loved to play and run, like most cats
do. But Mindy was a little different. Mindy was a Red cat. Mindy
felt she was no different than anyone else but it was hard for her
to fit in at school. She needed a way to show her classmates
she was the same as them. Mindy finds a way to reach her
classmates and along the way learns a valueable lesson about
being different, being the same and getting along with others,
she will never forget.     B &
The Red Cat by Nancy Fabian

Nira was a princess. She was kind and warm-hearted. Nira
was well liked for her humble nature regardless of her royalty.
But Nira was not a beautiful princess like most princesses are.
She wanted to find beauty to become the princess everyone
expected her to be. Nira wanted to shine amongst all at the ball.
If only she could find a way to discover true beauty by the time of
the ball. Nira’s journey leads her on a search and revelation
about beauty and inner beauty that will change her life forever.     B &
The Pink Dolphin by Nancy Fabian

Christa was small for her age but she was a smart girl. She
loved school. Christa also loved walking home from school
everyday. She enjoyed her walks home because she would
imagine herself on great adventures. In her stories, Christa
loved to be the heroine that saved the day. Christa's quest for
adventure soon finds her lost in a battle of wills and the search
for the courage and endurance to survive. With the help of a
special friend Christa learns the importance of standing up for
yourself and being content with who you are despite the world
around you.     B &
El Gato Rojo by Nancy Fabian

Mindy era un gato cariñoso. Le encantaba jugar y correr, como a la
mayoría de los gatos. Pero Mindy era un poco diferente. Mindy era
un gato rojo. Mindy sentía que ella no era diferente al resto de los
gatos pero era difícil para ella encajar con los demás en la escuela.
Mindy tenía que demostrarle a sus compañeros del salón que era
igual que ellos a pesar de sus diferencias. Luego Mindy encontró la
forma de educar a sus compañeros del salón, y en el transcurso,
aprendió una valiosa lección acerca de ser diferente, ser igual y
llevarse bien con los demás que nunca olvidará.     B &
A Cheerleader's Draem by Nancy Fabian

Jaime is an outstanding cheerleader. Born with Moebius Syndrome,
a condition where she cannot smile because the muscles of her
face don’t work; she looked different. A mask like face, not like other
cheer girls that flashed a big smile while performing. Still, she had a
dream of cheerleading and had to find the courage to go forth with
her dream despite the obstacles encountered along the way. Jaime
finds self acceptance and confidence in her appearance and learns
to be part of the team by virtue of her achievements, the greatest
lesson of all. Jaime turns a new page in cheerleading for everyone.