Kayla & Lori Falcone
My Name Is by Kayla Falcone - Illustrated by Lori Falcone     
.....Maybe you’re like Tommy Timmy Natch, a boy whose socks don’t
always match. Or maybe you’re like Rosey Anna Little, whose uncle
is a bit chubby in the middle. Do you love flying kites high above like
Natalie Cameron Nove?
In this light, sing-songy story, seven-year-old author, Kayla Falcone,
shows us that even with all of our differences, we can still be great
Kayla Elizabeth Falcone  - Kayla has always had a love
for reading and writing. She was seven years old and in
the second grade when she wrote My Name Is.  In
addition to writing, Kayla loves spending time with her
family and friends, making arts and crafts, roller skating
and swimming. She lives with her family in Ohio.
Lori G. Falcone - Lori is an artist and the mother of Kayla
Falcone, author of My Name Is, and Nicholas Falcone.
While she prefers realism, My Name Is gave Lori a chance
to do her first caricature work. She also enjoys her family
and friends, reading, writing and cooking. She and her
husband, Dave, are life-long residents of Ohio.
email:  Lori@Falcone.com