Sharon "Sherry" Farmer
Sights I See With My Desert Lemon Tree by Sharon
"Sherry" Farmer
When Sherry retires and moves to a Sun City, Arizona
retirement community, she makes a special friend right in
her back yard! She is excited to explore all of the nature of
her desert. Right away she begins picking lemons to cook
with from her desert lemon tree and soon realizes that with
her big sunhat and sunglasses, she not only looks like a
spy, but is becoming a spy! Her tree begins to whisper to
her and they become fast spy friends! What could they
possibly look at all day long? What do they hear at night?
And Sherry becomes so close to her tree that she must find
just the right name for her. You will discover what our desert
backyards are like through adorable, comical, wildlife that
live a smart but simple life, with messages for children to
learn. Told in fun, fact-filled rhyme, it is a great story for a
book report, for a scouting badge requirement, and for a
desert citizen to send to his/her out-of-town loved ones to
help them visualize that faraway backyard.
Sherry is a retired lady who is a life-long learner, and she is so grateful that Neal
Wooten and Melissa Schaschwary helped teach her how to make a book that looks
exactly like Sherry, Betty, and the backyard!  Sherry worked for over 22 years for the
public school systems in California and Arizona as an office clerk, special
education aide in both the elementary and high school scenes, and as a
counseling secretary and then assistant principal's secretary for activities and
athletics in a brand new high school. She and her husband of 36 years have 3
grown children and 3 fascinating grandsons. She grew up in Chicago, IL, and in
Los Angeles, CA, and its suburbs, and her married life started in Anaheim, CA.  Her
youngest daughter had severe asthma since age 3, so she was almost always
with her mom--their car was happily overflowing with books!  In 1994 the family
moved to Glendale, AZ, and Sherry now resides in Sun City, AZ, where she has
added help for the elderly to her set of values and will donate a portion of her sales
to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  This is her first published book, and the story’s
idea came alive when Sherry was writing a Christmas letter about her new home.  
She finds writing in rhyme fun and more challenging.  She loves music of all kinds,
especially marching bands. For that reason, she emphasized the marching quail
family in her book.  Her 3 children were in marching bands, which taught them so
many ways to succeed in life.