Kristen Fea-Clark
Naomi the Queen Bee by Kristen Fea-Clark
What would it be like to be a Queen Bee? In her debut book, "Naomi the
Queen Bee," Kristen Fea Clark gives us an interesting interpretation and
tells the story of what it takes to be a "Queen Bee," which can strike an
uncanny resemblance to what it takes to be a good Mommy, a good
Daddy, or just a good, responsible person. This light-hearted
representation appeals to children and adults alike and educates on the
dwindling honey bee population and gives interesting facts and
information. Enjoy!

Be sure to look for the next book in her animal series, "Kollin the Monkey."  
And, rest assured that we will see more of the Bee that started it all,
Naomi, The Queen Bee, as she embarks on new adventures!
.....Kristen Fea-Clark was born in Dayton, Ohio.  She has lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and
West Virginia for the past 18 years.  She recently returned to where her roots are and
resides in Clayton, Ohio with her husband, Bill, her son, Kollin, and their two, furry
friends, Salvador and Tawny.  She has had a passion for reading since she was a little
girl and has now carried that passion over into writing.  She enjoys traveling, boating,
spending time with friends and family, working with children, and…of course, reading!
.....What began as a dedication book to her mother for her 60th Birthday evolved into her
debut children’s book, “Naomi the Queen Bee.”  Grab a copy and discover what all the
“buzz” is about!
.....Being “bitten by the bug,” she has embarked on a journey and is currently writing  
follow-ups to her debut offering!   
.....She hopes you take as much joy from reading and reading to others as she does!
.....Feel free to contact Kristen at or check out her 2 websites
at and  Or on Facebook at
Soul Sisters by Kristen Fea-Clark
Everybody needs a Soul Sister. Who is your BFF? Who is your Soul

Kristen Fea-Clark takes us on a meaningful, heart-felt journey with two
Soul Sisters that will touch your heart and make you smile. This tale of
best friends and confidants appeals to children and adults alike and
gives additional pages for a picture and to personalize your own Soul
Sister journey! Enjoy!

Check out her debut book and Mom’s Choice Award winner, "Naomi
the Queen Bee." Look for the next book in her animal series, "Kollin
the Monkey."

Be sure to visit her website at
to see what all the "buzz" is about!     B &