Jessica and Aaron Ferchland
Harry the Havanese and the Missing Mole
by Jessica and Aaron Ferchland

This is Harry. He’s a Havanese. His best friend in the whole
world is his stuffed hedgehog, Mole. When Harry wakes up
one morning to find Mole missing, he finds himself on the
hunt for his friend. Will Harry be able to find Mole before the
sun goes down?
Aaron and Jessica Ferchland are writers in Salem, Oregon.
After six years in the Navy, Aaron is studying to be an
elementary school teacher. Jessica has her Masters in
English Literature and is a writing teacher at a community
college in the city. They met by chance in a history course
during the fall of 2011, and they were married in January of
2012. Both were aspiring writers, but began writing together
later that year. They have written several children’s books, but
this is the first in publication.

It is their goal to write books with clean, quality material for
children as they learn to read. It is their mission to see the
young ones grow and discover the amazing world around
them. Children bring about such a creative light in this world,
and they hope to be a small part of that spark.

The inspiration for the Harry series came from the gracious gift
of a new puppy from Jessica's Aunt Mary. From there, Harry
pretty much wrote his own material.  This book is the first in the
Harry the Havanese series. More books will follow soon!

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Harry the Havanese Makes New Friends
by Jessica and Aaron Ferchland

Harry’s best friend Mole is taking a bath and Harry is lonely.
He decides to go to the puppy park to make new friends.
When Harry sees all the dogs running and playing, he feels
too shy to join in. Will he ever make new friends?     B &     B &
Harry the Havanese and the New Puppy
by Jessica and Aaron Ferchland

There is a new puppy in the house. He eats Harry’s food,
plays with his Mole, sleeps on his blanket, and copies
everything Harry does. With all the attention being given to
the new puppy, Harry isn’t so sure he wants to be a big
brother. What will Harry do?