David & Larry Fernandez
Larry & David Fernandez, authors of Lady Godiva and the Magic Pumpkin
Larry Fernandez is on the staff of the University of South Florida in Tampa , Florida.
His son, David Fernandez, is a home-schooled teenager, who spends much of his
time reading, writing and learning. Godiva began as bedtime stories where the story
teller was past back and forth. One would start a story, the other would tell the next
part, on and on. Over the years the chapters were written down. David actually wrote
down the first four chapters when he was eight.
website: http://ladygodivaandthemagicpumkin.com/
email: lfernandez60@tambay.rr.com
Lady Godiva and the legend of the Black Rose by David R. Fernandez     
Throughout time the black rose has haunted civilization. It is the subject of ancient folklore and legend.
Now comes the story of wizards and magic, of Godiva, the Lady of the Woods, who travels far to find the
rose. And soon they are locked in an epic battle against a great force for the rose. But the black rose is full
of magic herself. Will the ‘Song of the Black Rose’ be enough to overcome all who stand in their way? Find
the true meaning of the Black Rose and ultimately its legacy.
Lady Godiva and the Magic Pumpkin by David R. Fernandez and Larry D. Fernandez      
Godiva, the Lady of the Woods, reveals her magical charms, mystifying all who stand in her way, while
Cromwell, an old black bear and a wizard, tries to overcome her.  Halloween night begins their plight,
giving way to Thanksgiving and introducing Tom Turkey and Red the Rooster. The magic pumpkin
continues as it brings the magic of Christmas with the enchanted Christmas bear named Jingles. The
unicorns, Snow and Emerald, use special magic to begin the year.
Ring of Skeletons by David R. Fernandez and Larry D. Fernandez
"He tore loose of the robe, spinning and falling into the mud as lightning flashed and it
thundered all about him. The devilish creature stood above him, growling, spreading its huge

Fifty years after archaeologist Robert Thornton was driven from his home in the dead of night
by an unearthly monster, the cursed stone house in Brighton, England is purchased by E. L.
Winthrop, retired general of the British Army, who is at best uncertain of the rumors circulating
about its mysteries.

Everything seems normal during his stay until, one night, he is awakened not by beasts but
rather a bizarre, unearthly humming coming from his cellar, eventually leading him to enlist the
aid of his nephew, Stanley, and Professor of Antiquity Benjamin T. Ogg of Wales, in an attempt
to discover the reasons behind this.

Their journey takes them across the globe, from Europe to South America, Africa, and finally to
India, where they find a most peculiar truth indeed.

Beware, for those who search hard enough sometimes find exactly what they seek. The
destinies of men and women are not for anyone save themselves to find. You are who you are,
make the most of it while you can, for some fates truly do end in nightmares.