Marie Antoinette Fero
Dr. Marie Fero has been an educator for over 25 years, and holds teaching certification in the
areas of music, elementary education, and educational leadership. She has served as a K-12
vocal/instrumental music teacher, Kindergarten teacher, and has been a teacher of gifted
education and reading. Dr. Fero has also been an elementary principal and chair of an academic
department in higher education. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood,
Elementary, and Middle Level Education at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. This is
Dr. Fero’s first book, and it is based on childhood memories of Mill Creek Park in her hometown of
Youngstown, Ohio.
Haunted Summer at Mill Creek park by Marie Antoinette Fero  
Haunted Summer at Mill Creek Park is a story of family love and loyalty which
transcends the passage of time. Set at the park in Youngstown, Ohio, two
sisters, Chrissy and Meg Stewart, discover the ghost of a young boy roaming
the park. Miles Higgins died in 1782 and was buried somewhere in the area
of the park when it was still a wilderness. But when the park was established
in 1891, excavators relocated the cemetery, inadvertently missing several
graves, including Miles’. Longing to rejoin his parents and sister, he enlists
the help of the girls, who in turn coerce their feisty great-grandfather to help,
and they all search to find his burial spot. Soon other deceased family
members, such as Miles’ sister and parents, join in the search for Miles’
grave. But they are not alone and soon find themselves fighting the presence
of spirits who had been malicious towards the Higgins and others in their
community back in the 18th century.     B &