Ray Ferrer
Ray Ferrer, author of The Adventures of Blackberry and Whiskers: The Dog food Heist    
Ray Ferrer's two dogs, Blackberry and Whiskers, are the main characters in his children's book, and many
more to come.  Ray served in the U.S. Army for 6 years and was in the communications field.  Ray and his
family are avid supporters of the U.S. Service men and women and continue to send packages over seas
and write letters to the troops.  
email:  reinaldoferrer@gmail.com
The Adventures of Blackberry and Whiskers: The Dog Food Heist by Ray
 The Adventures of Blackberry and Whiskers is based on the personalities
of two real life dogs.  Whiskers is the brains of the pair and the mischievous one
while Blackberry is the happy-go-lucky follower.  In this adventure, The Dog Food
Heist, our duo, after escaping the backyard yet again, plan a daring raid on a
shipment of dog food.  Will they be successful or will they once again end up
being captured by the cunning Sheriff Kitty and returned home?