Jodi J. Fiore
Lia-Ria Meets the Angels by Jodi J. Fiore

In their latest adventure, Lia-Ria, Nick, Dan, and Addie meet
Jackson and Darcie Waicus, a brother and sister who have the
neuro-genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome. Lia-Ria and her
friends soon discover that although Jackson and Darcie are
unable to speak, they have unique ways of communicating with
each other.

Lia-Ria Meets the Angels raises awareness for Angelman
Syndrome, a condition that greatly affects the ability to speak but
not one’s capability to live, laugh and love.

For further information about Angelman Syndrome, please visit
the Angelman Syndrome Foundation’s website:   www.angelman.

Please also visit the real Jackson and Darcie Waicus at their

Jodi is donating a portion of proceeds from the
book to Voices for Angels and Angelman Syndrome
Lia-Ria and the Ostrich Feathers by Jodi J. Fiore

Lia-Ria and her friends are very excited to perform in their
upcoming school play, ‘The Ostrich Feathers.’ Their excitement
quickly turns to concern when the star of the play, a little girl
named J.J., tells them the sad news that her Grandmother has

J.J. describes her experience and explains to her friends what
happens when a person dies. Lia-Ria and her friends learn not
only about a funeral and cemetary, but spirits and heaven as well.
Lia-Ria and the Ostrich Feathers gently introduces children to the
painful real life topic of death.     B &
Lia-Ria and the Lockdown Drill by Jodi J. Fiore

Lia-Ria is a little girl who has many friends and loves school. She
becomes frightened one day when she discovers her school will
soon be having their first lock-down drill. Her friends offer her silly
explanations of a Lockdown-Drill which seem to frighten Lia-Ria
even more! Lia-Ria provides a light-hearted spin on a very serious
subject.     B &